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AFP-Ottawa 2019-2020 Program Brochure: AFP-Ottawa 2019-2020 Marketing Brochure_FINAL.pdf

AFP-Ottawa 2017-2018 Program Brochure: AFP-Ottawa 2017-2018 Program Brochure.pdf

AFP-Ottawa September 19, 2017 Launch Event Presentation: IO-strategic-plan-final MT (4).pdf

AFP-Ottawa October 18, 2017 Presentation: Asset Mix Trends Demystification Peter Muldowney.pdf

AFP-Ottawa February 13, 2018 Presentation: AFP-Ottawa Deloitte Presentation - Global Payments Trends and Payments Modernization Case Studies.02132018.pdf 

AFP-Ottawa April 18, 2018 Presentation: Payments Modernization-AFP Ottawa April 18.pdf

AFP-Ottawa 2018-2019 Program Brochure: AFP-Ottawa 2018-2019 Marketing Brochure.09172018.pdf

AFP-Ottawa November 21, 2018 Presentation:AFP-Ottawa 2018.Green Bonds - An Issuer's Perspective.Susan Love.11212018.pdf

AFP-Ottawa April 17, 2019 Presentation: Payments Canada Presentation.Modernizing Canada's Payments Ecosystem - Our Journey.04172019.pdf

AFP-Ottawa June 12, 2019 Presentation:The joy and pain of ISO 20022 Ottawa AFP 2019.pdf

AFP-Ottawa February 12, 2020 Presentation: Technology Trends in Treasury...2020 and Beyond.02122020.pdf

AFP 2019 Payments Fraud and Control Survey Report: 2019 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey Report-Comprehensive Report.Underwritten by JP Morgan.pdf

Payments Canada: Modernization and Initiatives***Hosted by AFP-Montreal***(March 24, 2021 Webex Recording):

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