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Speaker Event - Remote Deposit Capture

  • 15 Jan 2013
  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • National Arts Centre - Fountain Room


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Topic:  The changing times of Paper based clearing. "Remote Deposit Capture" now has a future in Canada.


Over the past 30 years, the traditional in branch cheque deposit and clearing mechanism has seen little change. In a world of fast communications, constant change, tremendous growth in the payment and card business and new technologies hitting the market every day, one would wonder why we have not seen similar improvement for paper items deposits and clearing. Well this is now changing.


On October 1, 2012, The Canadian Payments Association (CPA) announced that a Negotiating Financial Institution (FI) is allowed to create a Cheque Replacement Document (CRD) to present to a Drawee. It also became mandatory for a Drawee Institution to accept CRD’s. As well, CPA Members are now allowed to enter into bilateral agreements between financial institutions to permit the clearing and exchange of cheques on data and images only.


Paul J Latimer of NCR Canada is an expert in the world of cheque imaged processing. He will be presenting the change in infrastructure and technology required at financial institutions to deliver this new functionality to customers, deposit mechanisms that businesses and even personal clients will have at their disposal to remotely and electronically deposit cheques and the future of this business in

Canada .

Traditional commercial and personal cheque deposits are both time consuming and costly for banking customers. Join us for this AFPC Ottawa event and learn how these new CPA rules will lead to new services that change how cheques are deposited and cleared in

Canada . 

Speaker:  Paul J. Latimer - Senior Business Consultant - NCR Payment Solutions  

With over 28 years of financial industry experience, since 2001, Mr. Latimer has been a technical and business consultant with NCR’s ImageMark Centre-of-Expertise for Payment Solutions, with specific responsibility for defining and deploying Cheque Imaging and Remote Deposit Capture, in particular, for corporate, mobile, branch and ATM deposits.  Before this, he spent a year with NCR’s Payment Solutions consulting team, helping banks plan for and justify the deployment of enterprise-wide imaging solutions.  Prior to that, Paul spent 2 years with NCR’s Financial Solutions Group Architecture team as a Senior Solutions Architect, and helped develop the NCR Banking Architecture – a prototypical, Enterprise-Wide IT Architecture to enable financial institutions to Transform Transactions into Relationships, with specific emphasis on the use of Imaging and Datawarehousing technologies.


Prior to 1997, Member of software development efforts for Image Processing and Handprint Recognition.  Was responsible for developing an unconstrained numeric handprint segmentation scheme. Was the project leader for a prototype Document Management System product, and spent 5 years in various management positions relating to Document Management, Imaging, and Recognition at NCR Waterloo.  This responsibility covered development efforts in MICR, OCR, Omnifont, Handprint, and Barcode Recognition.


Paul and his team has researched many aspects of Imaging Systems, including object-oriented human interfaces, expert systems, and adaptive learning systems. His group mainly focused on Advanced Recognition Technologies such as image understanding, automated feature-based recognition, neural networks, fuzzy logic, and genetic algorithms.  Members of Paul's department were active in ANSI and ISO standards efforts in image interchange and compression techniques.

NOTE: Registrations will be accepted until Noon Friday January 11th, 2013.

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